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Published on September 4, 2013 by rockfeller

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Last modified September 9, 2013

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After create a form, now we will add fields to the form. There are several fields :

Text Field

Basic input field, best for input that the value is no longer than 255 characters. For email input, don’t use the type field but email field

Email Field

Field only for email value. Built-in with custom validation for email input

Select Field

Drop down options. Enable user to choose an option. Input option in options textarea. each options are separated by new line (enter)


Input field for longer value like message or comment


Field for spam or bot protection, built-in with image captcha


It’s not a field but you can use it if you want to put some text between field

Tips :

  1. If the field is required, you can leave the “Error Message” field empty. The field will show default error message